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"Life Is A Story By Itself, Where We Are The Actors, Performing Our Greatest Debuts On Stage, While Always Hoping For The Best Results, In The End..." 


Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega's Secret Rose's Speech

  “Before my secret rose garden was ever planted, many magnificent cultures and nations have played their important roles in the lives of the people of Vero. What you will see is the beginning, middle and other surreptitious things in this story, which led to my rebellion against all on Vero.  I am a monarch of the Spanish Hellenistic Greeks, Roman, Italian, German and Tyre throne, I rule with absolute power while viewing the world, as a “Secret Rose Garden” at the same time.”

      “In a rose garden, many special types of roses are planted for many particular reasons. Some represent love, hope, friendship, righteousness, and piety, humbleness, peace, courage, faith, and strength to the commonwealth. Others symbolize hatred, betrayal, thief of love ones, murder, greed, selfishness, anger, and boldness caused by emotions, which are the ones we face in the world of today. In my secret rose gardens, many others, and I that rule these lands of Vero have planted many things. It is during these times, one must look up at the skies and point sword towards the heavens and say...”

    “All of this, in the name of love, honor, courage, faith, and hope, hatred, and the Love to seek revenge against those you care for, die by the sword from the Almighty, which holds our rage for conquest and victory against others, which dare challenge us. Then I say this, let all that have “strength and courage” followed my lead to victory against all, which dared to oppose the masses of “Sacred Roses of Vega.” These are my secret roses, let the battle begin now!”

Queen Lara Vega, the Queen of Scorpion Dragon Empire of Vero

February 12, 2012

The Dynasty Realms I: Tangled Quests' Speech

  “Hear me all, which have gathered here before me on this day of “The First Red Storm of Edna Evermore” after the completion of “The Rozen Games” have finally ended, while chaos and mayhem emerge from the cloak of darkness in “The Fifty Shades of Red,” unexpectedly."

    “Based on what I have learned from warfare and that of The Rozen Games, my family, friends, frenemies and enemies, which stands before me, as I say, “We did not inherit the Earth of Edna from our ancestors, who long lived and died, before us in ancient times, and our parents, living in the present times with us.”

    “For they, just as we are living today, are only borrowing it, from our children to readjust the past, to make a better future for ourselves and those that are coming here after us, in the nearest of future, while hoping and praying, that they continue to do the same and not foolishly…”

Silver Knight Gothic Madam Anaconda Fable

January 4, 2018

The Dynasty Realms II: Tangled Quests 2' Speech

  “For indeed, life itself is a stage, like the Rozen Games, which has many young and old souls playing various acting roles to comfort and heal or even to betray and kill thy brother and sister over nothingness, while trying to obtain a particular goal, that’s really not there at all…”

Silver Knight Gothic Madam Anaconda Fable

January 4, 2018

The Dynasty Realms III: Gallant Knights' Speech

  “A knight is someone that has sworn an oath to a higher power, and that of a higher divine force to protect the people and those entrusted to him or her, while holding this position as a prestigious nobility entitlement, by his majesty.”

   “When approached by another with a sword that wishes to fight, we shall answer by the sword too, as a sworn knight, swordsman, knighthood, our Lords, and that of the royal crown, while holding this powerful entitlement of chivalry prestigious.”

   “Therefore, we live by the sword, our deity, our morals, our justice and injustice circumstance going against our better judgment and most of all, our reputation.”

    “For it’s our reputation that hangs in the line always, while we walked the Lands of Eden before our brethren of arms and that of the common rabble folks presiding in our kingdoms and beyond.”

     “For you see, a man or woman’s reputation means a whole lot to him or her, whereas it tells an honorable, proud, and prejudges story about one’s personal and private achievements.”

     “Yet, sometimes, these things go back to what he or she has done in the past, present and will do, in the nearest of future while living amongst “the Men and Women of Eden” in the World called Graymore Sphere.” 

Silver Knight Gothic Guile Oro Ryu Truth

January 4, 2018

The Dynasty Realms IV: Tied By Fate's Speech

   “Before the Age of Princes and Princesses trotting down merry lane, there was “the Legend of the Enchantress,” “the Chosen Ones,” “the Tenth and the Ninth,” and “the Oracle Scrolls” that has been passed on for generation after generation inside the homes or shops of the notabilities, while only a few commoners were given permission to join in.”

   “Yet, it was I, who came first and found herself in entangled with them all while being a beautiful, young woman and a mere child at heart, during the darkest of times.”

  “It was I, yet again, who found herself, ensnared by the forces of darkness led by those that wanted me dead and not, alive.”

   “It was these brutes, who came into my life, and caused the entire world to swallow me whole, and then spit me out while turning everything I loved the most, into a twisted, cold, darken, void of pure nothingness.”

   “Thus, fueling my hatred towards the ones, who were given honor and respect by the common man living in a hellish, nightmarish, phantom driven, war raging, and sword ruling world called “the Realm of Graymore Sphere.”

   “As I sigh, in sorrow while saying softly to myself, in the company of bitter glumly, “Damn them all, damn them all to hell I say, with no mercy nor with no given sign of respect at all...”

The Silver Enchantress

August 1, 2018

The Dynasty Realms V: Tied By Fate 2's Speech

  “Before the Age of Princes and Princesses trotting down merry lane, there was “the Legend of the Enchantress,” “the Chosen Ones,” “the Tenth and the Ninth,” and “the Oracle Scrolls” that has been passed on for generation after generation inside the homes or shops of the notabilities, while only a small few commoners were given permission to join in.”

   “Now, I, the Enchantress sit back and smile as I appear at an old monument site called Ginger Pier.”

   “Where I sit down, breath in the fresh air all around me, where I wait patiently, for my bluish, silver enchantress suit to regain its power, once more, which Myra helped me to obtain. Whilst, I say  softly to myself, “Oh Guile, May Mouse, Myra, Alice, Andrea, Tori, along with so many others, hell is about to come your way as my powers return to me.”

    “Right now, I am able to go through all of your silver dreams and spread my chaos while also rewriting what has happened too, while you’re so darn engaged with your own silly, pathetic excuse for a supposed to be lifeform, which was never meant to be, in the first darn place, May Glena Mouse.”

    “Therefore, I’ll show you all, who and what I am, since the fun and games have ended….”

   “Then suddenly, the entire area began to change with Silver Knight Gothic Guile and the advancement of the others towards an unpredictable future, involving the Silver Enchantress overlooking everything with her master while Myra finds herself, adrift with a changed future too, where it linked itself, to an unlike of hero.”

    “As all of this was happening, the Enchantress smiles once more, where she says smiling, “The Death of the Princesses is now at hand. I wonder who will live and to see it all to the end…”

The Silver Enchantress

August 1, 2018

The Dynasty Realms VI: Forsaken Heart's Speech

  “Recalling past days of Graymore Sphere, as the mighty, African former ruler of the Ginseng Empire named Lord Emperor Basques A. Truth walks through the valley of the shadows of death, where he sees things that no man on earth should ever see with his own two eyes while a powerful blinding light covers him.”

 “Whilst, covering him, Lord Emperor Basques A. Truth finds himself, being placed in a ghostly realm, which suddenly became that of pure light from a mere, simple, yet powerful, snap from a distance to reveal a beautiful, royal palace beyond the imagination of man called the Realm of Cantu Solitude (meaning, Heaven).” 

  “Yet, the moment he was about to be judged, the Twilight Rose calls out to him, “Ye fate isn’t complete, young Lord.”

  “For thee has to compete in the Rozen Games and that of another, in a distant future while countless reigning champions shall rise and fight against their mightiest of foes of all times…”

   “Right away, Lord Emperor Basques Truth realized without a doubt that he would soon return to the battlefield of the living, once more, by hearing this from the Twilight Rose.”

  “After taking a deep breath, he says in his mind while looking all around him in the ghostly Realm of Solitude, “It has been over one hundred and ninety-nine thousand years ago, before the sword, magic, superstition, and deadly enchantments ruled supreme with an iron first, throughout the entire World of Graymore Sphere.”

  “Peace reign supreme, until a powerful creature from an unknown world called “The Rozen Beast” who suddenly appears in Graymore Sphere with several powerful warriors from an ancient game called “the Rozen Games” or by its ancient name “the Earhartian Games.”

 “For what was peace, became a time of darkness, bitterness, angriness, hatred, and fear, which consume the world and brought forth “A Feudal, Hellenic Dark Age of Chaos of Silver Tears.”

  “Never before, have such darkness rise to fight for a worthy cause, as the Rozen Beast, unleashes his utmost, deadly furies, upon the World of Graymore Sphere and all nine of her stationary moons, in the heavens above...” 

Lord Emperor Basques A. Truth

August 1, 2018

The Dynasty Realms VII: Lady Sophia Graham's Speech

** A Cooking And Naturism Metaphor ***

“It was Mother Nature, who brought into the world, Creation and Evolution, during her darkest hours with little light, by simply using, an endless source of fruitful gains of the Earth, just to bring forth, life.”

“From the bowels of the earth, she baked and hardened her precious creations, into something of greater value, and vigor, which will stand the test of time itself, while cooling it down, with a simple whisper.”

“Upon her breath, she imprinted herself, and her likeness, into their minds, bodies, souls, hearts, will and desires, dreams, and finally hope, just to get a clearer understanding behind the true meaning of the word God and what it means for themselves as well as others, in the World of Mankind.”

“Just, as she once did, long ago, with her greatest creation of all times, the Gingerbread Man…”

The Honorable, Silver Knight Gothic Lady Cora A.J.M. Sunkist, the 124th Summoned, Silver Rozen Warrior of Jucar


Coming Soon...December 1, 2018 

The Dynasty Realms VIII: Blades of Cameron's Speech

“Deep, in the southernmost region of the Aquarian Empire, a massive cloud of yellowish dust, sweeps across the landscape of Lilia Providence from two powerful, supernatural forces known as Sheikh’s Awakening and the Power of the Blue Lion of Mosa.”

“Which grants Sophia the ability to semi wield her newest and mightiest of weapons, called the Blades of Cameron.”

“Therefore, with the Blades of Cameron in her possession, and her physical body in the form of yellowish remnants (dust), Sophia lies asleep, in a dreamlike state.”

“While her remnants, sweep across the landscape of Lilia Providence to hide her from her most powerful foes and villains that are constantly, seeking her out in the shadows and now, in the light.”

“Now, after one month, nine days and eight nights of wandering throughout Lilia Providence, does Sophia’s yellowish remnants, makes landfall.”

“Thus, in the crack of dawn, and far away from civilization, Sophia’s yellowish remnants find a safe place to land, during her weakest hour.”

“Once Sophia’s yellowish remnants makes landfall, in a downward slope, against the oak tree in a chrysalis shape cocoon, nearby its mighty, thick trunk and roots that run everywhere.”

“Then suddenly, a powerful burst of bluish and yellowish light, called the Power of Sheikh’s Awakening, immediately caused the dust to recreate Sophia’s physical body, before the world of man.”

“Once finished, Sophia can be seen resting against a nine hundred and fifty-nine thousand years old oak tree, from the Earth Realm….”

Coming Soon...December 1, 2018 

The Dynasty Realms IX: Dark Desires: 

Vampire's Gift Speech

“Stranded, within the dangerous, ominous, and mystical “Red Forest of Edna Evermore” moments after fighting countless, deadly beasts and supernatural beings of the seas, air, and that of Aquarian lands and foreign nations that sees Sophia, as a major threat to their society and country, especially to their religious and political causes.”

“Thus, Sophia is forced to fight and do the unthinkable, just to survive in the Realm of Edna Evermore.”

“Yet, it is not long, before Sophia and her little coupe, find themselves shipwrecked, on a forbidden portion of Edna as a serious problem occurs.”

“Like “Sleeping Beauty” and that of “Snow White,” Sophia has fallen into a deep, sleep of eternal rest, on this strange, twisted island.”

“Therefore, upon farther examination of Sophia, her fateful companions discovered the culprit responsible for Sophia's ill-nature. It was her beloved "Blue Rose of Wildfire," dying.”

“In great horror, they witness Sophia's Blue Rose of Wildfire withering to a Black Rose of Wildfire, symbolizing her death.”

“Right away, this caused Sophia’s faithful companions to panic while several bizarre events transpire, at that same time.”

“As one of these events was the disappearance of numerous Rozen Players while something purposely, left behind a small few on the playing field to fight and level up, mysteriously.”

“As something very evil, has returned from the Shadows of Oblivion while Sophia and the others, were engaged in battle, especially against Sheila.”

“Then, to make matters even worst, all of Sophia’s nightmares such as Author’s family deaths and the real person, who is responsible everything transpiring from the beginning, makes her great appearance but in a ghostly, form...”


"A New Tale Is About To Begin...."

"The Story Continues...."