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"Welcome to the Adrian & Jade Mythologies, housed in the Oracle Scrolls Library called the Iambics, where all the stories created by the author, Adrian Jevon Murphy thrives, as you explore its legendary halls of countless tales...."



“Sheila has vanished, whereas the three head overseers are officially gone from the world called Vero. As their lives were taken away by the Gold Overseer, whose only sole purpose is to control life, death, time, space, and eternity all for himself." 

"To complete his dark agenda, the Gold Overseer and four others hired a man, named King Oleg to help spread their evil presents throughout the entire universe and that of his world called Vero, which used to be called Verona." 

"However, this suddenly came to a halt by Queen Nye of Shag, belonging to the Mali Empire. For a few years, Vero and the rest of the entire universe were able to fight back and upheld their sovereignty to protect their people from the dark forces plaguing their worlds." 

"Unfortunately, her reign came to a sudden end within several years following her domination of the Republic of Vero.”

“In the eyes of the Gold Overseer, this was great news to hear from his spies. Now, he can send out his best man named King Oleg to start the new age of menace to the universe once more. King Lo-Sole an African King becomes King Oleg worse nightmare. In every attempt to find him, it always came to a dead end." 

"However, King Oleg, along with several others seeking the same interest as the Gold Overseer, began planning their own secret, dark agenda to capture Vero and all of its treasures, in the shadows." 

"Therefore, when King Lo-Sole was finally killed within foreign lands in the attempt to slay his archenemy, King Oleg. Something powerful changed, the entire course of Vero and countless worlds, within a blink of an eye, while causing a new darkness to ascend and capture the world for herself." 

"As this fearless woman, going by the name of Queen Lara Vega, becomes Vero worst nightmare. In her wake, she went as far as to slay any nations that pose a threat to her new world order on Vero. To do this, she marries a man named King Tilting by warfare means. The only problem was that he was married to three women for political reasons, which Queen Lara Vega didn’t know about or so they assumed.”

“The three wives of King Tilting, named Alicia, Rosaria, and Lady Clair are the only ones that pose a threat to her, where they were the ones that fought back with aggression. However, there is another problem that lies within the marriage. She and the three ladies have already given birth to King Tilting’s children." 

"Therefore, in a forced agreement Alicia, Jade, Rosaria, Nina, Nyre, Tengo, Lady Clair, and JLee must help and protect their newly estated queen and their stepsisters from the outside world, while also watching their own backs too.”

“Yet, like all household, trouble comes in different varieties of form such as secrets, betrayal, seduction, warfare, life, and death, and finally survival of the fittest. Will Jade ever figure out her family’s secrets and meet Adrian in the future? The question is, who will lead and who will die at the hands of their beholders. These are the “secret roses” of Queen Lara Vega and her five epic phases….”

This Work of Fiction is Created By the Author, Adrian Jevon Murphy © 2012

All Rights, Reserved by the United States Copyrights Laws of America.


Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega's Secret Roses Vol. 1: 

The Worlds Involved & Solar Systems


The Realm of Verona - The Fire Starter

The Realm of Vero - (Modern Day Verona) - (Main Storyline)

Mars - (Dead Planet)

The Realm of Earhart

The Realm of Serenity - (Fragmented Remains of Graymore Sphere Made Into A Planet)

The Realm of Graymore Sphere

The Realm of Edna Evermore 

The Earth Realm

The Realm of Kyrim


 Edna Evermore: Located in the Tex Nobler Sol System.

 Earhart: Located in the Nebulas Sol de Grandiose System.

 Graymore Sphere: Located in the Gray Nebulas Yu System.

 Shiono and Alfheim: Located in the Yellow Red Bane Nebulas System.

 Verona or Vero: Located in the Blue Ash Copulas System.

 Serenity: Located in the Twilight Zone called Amir de Valise System.

 The Earth: The Sol System.

 Kyrim: Located in the Disc Del Sol Valise System.

Galion: Located in the Dale System

Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega's Secret Roses Vol. 1:

 Main Characters, Villains, and Sub-Characters

------------------ CHARACTERS ------------------

The Twilight Rose Keeper or the Keeper

The Twilight Rose - (Twilight Rose of Infinite Worlds Series)

Yangquan of the Appleseed Dynasty - Main Character & Villain

Queen Nye Shag

King Oleg

Golden Overseer - (Elder Nada Guardian who's exile)

Gold Overseer - (Nada Guardian)

Orange Overseer - (Nada Guardian)

Black Overseer - (Nada Guardian)

White Overseer - (Nada Guardian)

Red Overseer - (Nada Guardian)

Blue Overseer - (Nada Guardian)

Green Overseer - (Nada Guardian)

Silver Overseer - (Nada Guardian)

Purple Overseer - (Nada Guardian)

Brown Overseer - (Nada Guardian)

King Loi Ki Chu - (Chinese Monarch) - Emperor Loi Ki Chu

Queen Shiro Chu - (Chinese Monarch) - Empress Shiro Chu

Military and Advisor Lu Chu Ti

Black Wolf

White Wolf

Shadow Lord Oren

Queen Lara Fenland Vega - (The Amazonian Crystal Empress)

Teresa Rogue

Queen Rachael Rogue

Inquisitor Jack Lawless

Lady Pearl

Emperor Jiao Ski

Empress Lala Ski




Sultan Link - (Prince Wu Omar Ali's father)



Pope Popi

Pope Lestor - (Lestor)


Lady May Tilting

Maiden Sarah

King Yvette Tilting

Jade Chu Tux - (Princess Jade Chu Tux)

Princess Aecia Vega Tilting

Princess Tara Glenna Vega Tilting

Princess JLee Tux - JLee

Princess Nina Tux - Nina

Princess Nyra - Nyra

Quentin Bijius Pickard- QB Pick - (Earthling)

Leonardo Augusta -Leo - (Earthling)

Adrian - (Earthling)


Bead - (Prince Seven of Andras)

Pope Lou

Silver Queen






Prince Basra Monroe - (Prince Wu Omar Ali's brother)

Queen To-Taka - (Prince Wu Omar Ali's mother)

Queen Alicia Chu Tux

Lady Clair Tux

Empress Elisa - (Princess Elisa Chu)

Prince Sun Shaba

Prince Wu Omar

Vinery - (King Lo-Sole's Mother)

King Lo-Sole Krobe

King Elmore - (King Lo-Sole's blood brother by his real father)

Emperor Yoshiro Maura - (Japanese Monarch)

Queen Rosaria Maura-Krobe - (Japanese Monarch)

General Tang Low - (Japan's General)




Gopexes Reapers - (Evil Grim Reaper's Minions)

John the Inquisitor

Prince Ingo - (Queen Lara Vega's son)









The Red Lion - (Mosa, the Red Lion)

Melissa Ti

Princess Ericka

King Gangue

Prince Rajas Tai Low




Sandy Corners






Ali Monroe







Taci the Orge






Aeonus - The Mask Warrior WL Aeonus

Bevin Of Isles


Lady Dragonfly



Jason Knight


King Krobe - (King Lo-Sole's father)

King Maura - (Queen Rosaria's Father)

Shadow Prince (Also, Shadow Kid and Codename Adrian)

Dark Juto Ski - (Descendent of Advisor Cargo Sheen)

King Ivy Tilting

Grand Elder Seta

The Yerion Forces

Fierce Xiou





King Yu Con Mi





Queen Chichi - (On Earth it's just simple, Chichi)

King Pea

Religious Leader Rai

Religious Kijo

Religious Leader Melinda

Priest Conjo

Knight Yio



King Bemis


Lt. Hummus

Lt. Jacob

Rita - (A black woman who acts as an Oracle)

Elder Eu


Judge Lisa

Pagan Leader Hu

Islamic Leader Ru


Commander Lia

Shadow Jade - (An unworldly being)

Captain Pa




Baby Prince Juto Ski

Prince Juto Ski

Cricket - (Jade's pet)

Scorpionballs - (Queen Lara Vega's Deadliest of Creature and partners to Amazonian Warriors)


Queen Tate and her portals



V-Glider Pilots -(Republic of Vero and Queen Lara Vega's Airforce)

Princess Tales

Seths of The Shadows

Tessa the Spider of Nye


White Fang

Jake Long Fang


Kasha - (Empress Elisa's son from King Lo-Sole)


Time Shifter - (A time bender)

Ambassador Audi Minis

Police Officer Golem

Prince Leon IV

King Mike

Princess Jasmine

General Gee

Soto Gale - (Kasha's Alias)

President Yu Con Mi

Momo - (Alicia's pet cricket)

Crystal Scorpion Amazonian Warriors - (Both Sexes)

Murphy, the Owl

Important Note: There will be other Mythical Gods besides the ones here

Lady Jane Graham

Prayerus Matacha Hudson - Native American from Vero

Heaven Hudson - Prayerus' Wife

Skyra - King Lo-Sole's Aunt


Important Notice: There are various characters that are involved with this story but these are the main ones.


• Planetary Civil War: All races wish to control everyone under one umbrella.

• Rita: The name or term Rita refers to the Sovereign One on Earhart.

• The Rozen Key of Baldur: This is a powerful device that was used in several key wars to gain grounds against Tangled One's enemies while also being a device used to store data information regarding the Earhart Rozen Games and more.

• Caste System: This is a social order structure that the new government of Earhart used against the people to show whose superior versus those they saw and felt were inferior to them in this new technological age.

First Templar: This is a religious organization that’s created to destroy other religions, races, and civilizations that they deemed as nobodies.

• Stasis lock: Immediate shut down that can be fatal for Earhartians.

• The Twilight Force: This is a very dangerous power that has been researched by the Earhartians to use in their technology and weaponry systems, which marked a brand new Era for warp drive traveling to countless worlds and beyond. It has a strong tie to telepathy, and telepathic capabilities involving the force. This power was also used to create the very first transport technology called the Rozen Spiral Tube that’s also linked to the Rozen Keys of Baldur. The Twilight Force is also a power that can be used as an amplifier once ever master by a Rozen Warrior of Jucar at certain levels.

• Doll: A reanimated corpse, relic or fabric that can be used as a medium that has been imbued with a soul and modified to appear to be human and sometimes, assume the appearance of their masters, if prompted to do so. Its maker may allow it to possess independent thought or actions that may be used to distract enemies to give their handlers a chance to heal and recover before, during and after a match, without the enemy or enemies’ knowledge.

• Risen: A reanimated corpse or living husk victim, sometimes, without a soul or independent thought created by an enchanted being, summoned, warlock, and witch or by machine using ancient unknown magic.

• A Witch: A powerful spell caster that practice the arts of magic in the name of whatever god(s) that they believe in. Also, there are various Enchantress that are good witches to extremely, evil witches that kill people and sacrifice them to their deity or for themselves to gain grounds against others.

• Bitsue stone: A stone created by the Goddess Reba Ku with numerous unknown powers and properties that only she knew about, where she used this to create her own domain, along with the Heavenly Swords used throughout the Dynasty Realms series. It has the ability to recreate, reshape, and grow into a massive size planet by pure will of its own. It also has the power to resurrect its fall goddess, after she dies in battle against Zeus and several gods from different worlds and dismantle her realm and took portions of the stone for themselves to create weapons far greater than their hearts could ever imagine.

• Spellcaster: An individual, who can cast "spells" by materializing their verbal desires or sometimes, by pure thought and will.

• The Chosen Ones: People that are selected for a mission or quest.

• Heavenly Swords: These are powerful relics from long ago, which were said to possess the powers to slay the mightiest of gods and beyond.

• Solomon’s Bane Horns: A forbidden headdress locked away inside the Temple of Von.

• The Phoenix: A powerful enchanted fiery flying fowl engulfed, with flames.

• Floating Islands: A large landscape teaming with an ecosystem with known and unknown lifeforms from different time periods floating in the air that's located in countless realms with unknown supernatural, hidden powers keeping them afloat.

• Rozen Spiral Tube: A Rozen Spiral Tube is an extra-dimensional point to point Rozen Bridge to endless worlds referred to as a Riftgate or a viberal portal with cosmetic lightning thunderous plasmatic dark matter energy for transportation usage, which is often times linked directly to a specialized locket or nonverbal means for explorations.

• The Rose of Wildfire or The Rozen Spiral Rose (Mystica Rozen or Rozen Mystica): A powerful rose filled with enchanted power beyond human, mystical beings, gods, and that of the unknown ones' knowledge, where they all have some connection to the Twilight Force. The Rose of Wildfire is the most feared, hated and sometimes, loved rose throughout the entire universe and beyond. This rose automatically makes anyone that touches it or accepts its request to play in the Rozen Games, for all times, regardless, if the game ends or not. The individual becomes it slave for repeating the life and death process with full knowledge as to what they did in the past and that of the present while causing insanity amongst some players of the game. Once accepted, you automatically give up your immortality and mortality for something, unexplained by the Rozen Creators, who based the game on their own experiences from a previous game after they were the last two individuals to win it all, countless years ago. There is a rumor, if you destroy your rose nine or more times, you automatically bust hell and oblivion wide open, where you damn yourself for all times while returning at the end of each game, regardless if it is your game playing or another game playing for all times, against your will. This is one the countless secrets, which the Twilight Rose of Infinite Worlds knows all too well while continuing to allow it happen in the first place, along with a few others, in the shadows. Therefore, be warned, if you to play its deadly little game, by all means, do so, at your own peril. For you have been warned.

• Madonna's Yellow Rose of Wildfire, Madonna's Yellow Rozen Spiral Rose or simply, Madonna's Yellow Rose: A powerful, enchanted rose that knows the past of everything that has lived, lived, will live and more, where its feared by religion, the gods and more because it never tells a lie, which is another reason why some realms cursed it or ban it from ever coming into their realms, due to social injustice and of course, those presiding over the masses with dark hearts to control everything that their hearts desires.

• The Manslayers and Womanslayers: A powerful, legendary band of warriors from all backgrounds and species with human and non-human features, which were created by Yangquan of the Appleseed Dynasty to fight in both the Games and beyond the games to enslave victims from countless worlds and beyond.

• A Rozen Warrior of Jucar: A powerful warrior from the Rozen Games, whose powers derive from powers previously owned and from his or her enchanted rose. Each Rozen Warrior is different regardless of how similar their roses maybe. Never expect them all to be the same, where some have more experiences than others, after spending long periods of time, fighting in the Rozen Games. Some Rozen Warriors are indeed, Gods, Titans, Fates, and more while being forced to play in a game against their wills. However, some love the game so much that they refused to leave, upon completion while others never complete the game at all. There are countless ways of becoming a Rozen Warrior of Jucar one is by picking up a rose belonging to another Rozen Player. By doing so, you automatically become part of the game, where sometimes, this is by accident. Often times, people are forced by slavemasters, by debt that they can't repay back, hunger, escapees, freedom, or tricked into getting involved with the game and never knowing how they got involved in the first place.