Adrian Jevon Murphy, Author

“Adrian Jevon Murphy, is a former college student, with a History degree and a Minor in Political Science from Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina.”

“He was born in Georgetown, South Carolina and lived in Andrews, South Carolina for a few number of years, before moving to Tampa, Florida in 2012. He used to work in the school district for two years, as a substitute teacher in Georgetown County School District in South Carolina.”

“Right now, he is working for the 13th Judicial Circuit of the State Attorney’s Office in Tampa, Florida.”

“In his spare time, he keeps track of history, politics, and other genes in and out his field of studies, while also writing more stories, just to be added to his the Dark Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short Stories, RPG, & Urban collections.”

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"Life Is A Story By Itself, Where We Are The Actors, Performing Our Greatest Debuts On Stage, While Always Hoping For The Best Results, In The End..."

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The Adrian & Jade's Mythologies And The Bylaws Of Rights Of Ownership

   “The Adrian & Jade Chronicles, The Adrian & Jade Mythologies Series, Murphy’s Secret Tales Of Events are a collection of mythological, fictional, nonfictional, romance and many other stories, which are put together as one whole legend or epic tale with different titles under one author. In all of the storylines, you will encounter other characters, stories, places, events, and certain legends, which exist from other mythologies from around the world, by the author." 

   "These individuals’ characters and places are called “Public Domain Characters, Events, Stories, Legends and Places,” which can be used by anyone, and/or group. Examples of public works are the usage of the Ancient Greek, Japanese, Chinese, African, Native American, Norsemen mythologies, which has Thor, Loki, Odin, Hercules, Aries the God of War, Zeus, along with so many other gods and goddesses from large collections that were passed on throughout years, just to do what we want with them. Again, all of these characters and events belong to the general public, which can be used for personal, private and commercial usage anytime and anywhere, without facing a federal penalty and civil lawsuit." 

    "For they have no attachment to them, for they were once, part of a culture and religion, along with being a past time story for children, young adults, and older adults. The only rule, as long as you do not use what the original author[s] and creator[s] before you have done, within their works. Therefore, everything inside here is the original creative works belonging to the Adrian & Jade Chronicles, Murphy’s Secret Tales of Events and the owner, whose is the author of this entire fantasy omnibus, the author, Adrian Jevon Murphy.”

“All rights reserved, by The United States Of America © Copyright Office 1990-2018.”