- The Infinite Realms Of The Adrian & Jade Mythologies Series -

"These are the countless worlds in each story surrounding the main characters, sub-characters, technologies, battles, and civilizations, playing a powerful role in each series, created by the Dark Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short Stories, and RPG author, Adrian Jevon Murphy. Therefore, this list of worlds will be updated with new content..."

My Quote, "Life Is A Story By Itself, Where We Are The Actors, Performing Our Greatest Debuts On Stage, While Always Hoping For The Best Results, In The End..."

By Adrian Jevon Murphy, Author

© 2018



 "The Realm of Verona is home to numerous life forms from ancient times up to the modern day times, where it was once ruled by the Appleseed Dynasty, in it's earlier years of development." 

  "In its earlier years, the planet was split into numerous world using a powerful device created by infamous Manslayers that were once used to capture, kill, kidnap and more by the orders of Yangqaun of the Seed Dynasty."

 "As this powerful, superior advance civilization once conquered every single realm in existence, even the realm of heaven and hell. They're considered the most hated and feared villains of times."

  "After they're removal, the Realm of Verona was renamed to the Realm of Vero, where several new rulers try to fulfill the same dark agenda and fail in the process, where one of them actually succeed by removing the historical, ancient past of Verona from the people's minds and then proclaiming themselves as the One truly Sovereign named Sheila. However, there is a rumor about the Appleseed Dynasty returning but nobody knows how true it is..."


  "The Realm of Earhart was once a beautiful world teaming with life beyond human comprehension that started off as a gas planet in the beginning while having a moon called Mars, orbiting around it." 

  "Yet, in the beginning, the Realm of Earhart was without form, and void while obtaining life from its own moon called Mars."

  "It will be these transactions will create several new species of humans and humanoid beings with unique powers that will rival everything else in the entire universe." 

  "For the races that live here are the humans, the Kijimas and the Jimas. The Kojima is the infused race that was born from fallen debris from Mars and that of diamond-like crystals from the Realm of Verona." 

  "Once they were created, the humans and the Kojimas separated themselves from each other, due to their physical appearance, religion, and cultural background. The groups that are part of this race are called the Tangled Ones. The Tangled Ones are capable of creating anything by pure will, where the humans can build anything their hearts can dream about." 

  "The Jimas is an unusual race because they can bend the rules to anything to get what they want, which makes them superior to both races. They can use real magic spells, summonings, along with creating magical armor and weapons by pure will, which go far beyond the scope of both humans and the counterparts called the Tangled Ones."

  "In fact, they can breed with anything or anyone to produce an offspring with both parents DNA makeup to ensure its survival anywhere or anytime to keep their race alive and well."

   "The Siphons, are an extremely powerful race that once defeated the Uniemperor's son, along with several different races that are clump together, to make a unified front called the Al-Talus Clans with numerous purebloods, machines, and machine humanoid beings, and an extremely large mixed raced called "the Tensions" that lived in the Tenth Kingdom of Earhart before, they were forced to leave their homeworld to go to Graymore Sphere, after the war that almost destroyed Earhart." 

  "Once there, they renamed themselves as the People of Serenity after dealing with the Uniemperor's son. However, as the years went on, a new leader becomes Sovereign under the banner of the Rita, where she leads the world up to the Feudal Era while being dethroned several years later by their masters." 

 "Once this happens, civil war breaks out and the planet goes through its next destructive phases after the last war, where the planet could no longer sustain life and forced majority of the Earthartians to leave their homeworld and live in others, while some remain in the hopes of rebuilding their precious Odo back again."


 "The Realm of Serenity is home to numerous life forms from ancient times up to the modern day times, where it was once ruled by the People of the Tenth Kingdom, which is the Modern Day the Kingdom of Serenity, in it's earlier years of development. The People called their former names to the Al-Talus Clans and renamed their Kingdom, due to awful warfare involving the Uniemperor's so from the Realm of Verona."

"Upon the defeat of the Al-Talus Clans, it's people lost their land to the Silver Knights Gothic Warriors, who surrendered it to the gods from another world in the sake of peace. As the Al-Talus Clans homeland becomes an actual planet with only spiritual beings entering and a prison for the Twilight Rose of Infinite Worlds."


   "The Realm of Graymore Sphere is the second home to the Earhart that were forced to leave their homeworld after almost destroying their former planet called Earhart." 

   "It is here that they renamed themselves as the People of Serenity called the Al-Talus Clans. Once they did this, they lived a peaceful life until unexpected war from the Rozen Beasts, which was followed by several other powerful beings from different worlds throughout the entire universe and beyond, declared war against them."

   "As was happening, the inhabitants already living there called "the mighty, Colossus of Ebony Silver and several others from across the planet, immediately declared war against them too, just to survive the invaders coming into their worlds. They themselves were nicknamed the Silver Knight Gothic Warriors of Jucar that spread war throughout the entire world after foreign invaders came in by the means of portals and sacked their world for their betterment and terrorized the People of Graymore Sphere since the time of Dark Ages and that of the Stone Ages."

   "Having enough of this, they immediately went after the Al-Talus Clans once they were badly wounded by the enemy forces where their technology and their women will become theirs while slaying the sons and fathers, in the process."

   "Once this happened, a New Era erupts and brought fear in the eyes of their enemies, especially since their organization composes of numerous cultures and briefs surrounding their Goddess Reba Ku, whose the God of War, Peace, Love, Harmony, and Mercy."

   "It's because of them, the Al-Talus Clans were forced to send their children to other worlds like Edna Evermore and so many others alive, while knowing most of these worlds would reject them, in the process. Therefore, they barely saved their children from facing the Death himself. After this, more war and mayhem erupted, once their villain is killed by the hands of their own, where it marks the downfall of the Silver Knight Gothic Warriors of Jucar."    


    "In the beginning, the Realm of Alfheim was a world of light under the rule of Baldur for nearly thousands of years, until he was killed by Yangquan of the Appleseed Dynasty and his fearsome warriors called the Manslayers of Verona." 

   "For what went on for years to millennia, cause the most powerful Lord Empress living their to split the entire world into two, instead of one to separate their enemy's deadly forces. By doing this, the Realm of Solitude Shivermore was born." 

    "However, the magic she used killed her in the process of creating two worlds, while forcing Yangquan of the Appleseed Dynasty to flee.  Once this happened, the People of Alfheim were able to defeat Yangquan's forces while their sister planet could not." 

   "In fact, Yangquan's forces hammered down on the citizens that were cast off in the Realm of Solitude Shivermore until one of them used an ancient device to kill the majority of the people living there to stop the war, altogether."

   "Once this happened, the remaining people becomes extremely pissed about having their people destroyed to save their world, while renaming their world to Shiono and removing the original name, where they undergo several merges from different worlds to rebuild their entire races back from the ashes, which brought fear to the People of Alfheim."

    "As the years went by, tensions between Alfheim and Shiono rises as they couldn't the People of Shiono were becoming more advanced than them, where they were forced to advance themselves after realizing, Shiono would soon invade them, once the war between the Dark Hands ends."   


   "The Earth Realm is home to numerous humans, mystical beings and more, where each one dwells in their own unique societies and sometimes, ventures outside their societies to learn about other cultures and sometimes, war." 

   "Yet, in recent years,  most the inhabitants of the earth flee or were teleported to other worlds, due to the invasion of Yangquan of the Appleseed Dynasty using their powers and technologies to go back in time to kidnap anyone that can serve their purposes for the Rozen Games, eons ago."

  "Therefore, the people of earth are also finding new ways to venture off the planet in the hopes of colonization, where they successfully landed on the moon and created a permanent moon-based, and then colonized Mars all nine planets in the solar system of Sol with the invention of the warp drive system called A.J.M Wiser 9000 after discovering the Appleseed's lost technologies five decades ago." 


   "The Realm of Kyrim was once a living peaceful world before its people learned about their abilities to merging, absorbing and devour each other to become powerful than the others."

   "Within a few years or so, the entire planet becomes a war zone with people and the story of the Ninth and Tenth, who would one day come and bring about war, after being split from an all-powerful being called “a Kyrimian or a Crimean” from the Realm of Kyrim.”

   “The Realm of Kyrim is a very, extremely, dangerous place to ever be born on, where everyone has powers that surpassed that of the gods themselves and are constantly warring against each other, causing their children and some of the people themselves, to flee to other worlds for their own personal safety.”

   “Once they leave their world, they sometimes, become gods on other worlds to live a better lifestyle than the one they left behind with no chances of living a normal life like those in other realms.”

  “Like feeding sharks, their brethren from their homeworld has a tendency to hunt them down to increase their power and strength to surpass the others living in Kyrim by devouring, absorbing, or merging with their screaming, helpless victims that’s dying at their mercy of becoming a superior life form.”

   “Sometimes, the victim flees the moment they sense them coming for them on distant worlds.”

  “Then too, some prepare the people to fight against them while breeding with multiple people to keep their bloodlines alive and well and then they spaced them to other worlds far beyond their enemies’ reach while paying the ultimate price to keep them alive and well by dying at the hands of their enemies.”

   “On record, the only Kyrim that was able to surpass this horrifying event was Sheifa, where she killed her own sister named Legend that tried to “devour” her before the presence of her mate named Beleth Phi Maverick.”

     “When the merger was completed, Legend believed she had surpassed her elder sister after devouring and obtaining her elder sister’s powers but was unaware that she had surpassed her in power.”

    “As a result of the transaction, Sheifa devoured Legend from the inside out, where she became an ultra being called “a Skye.” A Skye is an extremely, super rare being to walk the earth of Kyrim, while making all their enemies fear them, by the enchanted celestial sparkles in their eyes with such beauty. It’s this same deadly beauty, which drew the attention of the Supreme beings living there.”

  “Right away, the Supreme beings living on Kyrim sensed Sheifa’s powers, while desiring more power to become even stronger than they are now, just to add to their own.”

   “With this power at hand, along with encountering numerous Supreme beings desiring to merge and devour her to become stronger, Sheifa and her mate fled the Realm of Kyrim as her sister husbandman’s pursue after them both in the shadows.”

   “Yet, at that same time too, an all-powerful Kyrim decide to become billions of living, breathing individual souls, instead of killing off his own people, due to his massive power surge throughout the years of becoming mightier than anyone, like Sheifa.”

     “Once he killed himself and explode, it created billions upon billions to save everyone, while also creating an evil dark entity called the Tenth that hunt down the others to become mightier than the original.” 


   "Galion, is one of the biggest planets in next door to the Realm of Verona. This planet houses life forms that are so dangerous and powerful that they can kill you, within a blink of an eye. The people living here have plasmatic powers and so, extremely rare that person sent to investigate them, they perished." 

   "Like Vampires, they can drain their victims alive and also turn them into Gallions the only person that was able to conquer the entire planet was named Lord Empress or Queen Elisa Chu from the Realm of Vero after her dethronement of the Chinese Empire by her father, the Dragon King himself. As she becomes one of the most dangerous, powerful ruler ever known throughout the entire series of the Adrian & Jade Chronicles while being the mother of several heroes too."

    "In fact, she is the first vampire that can drink holy water and live to talk about it, while being the twin sister of an Archangel herself, named Queen Alicia Chu, while falling in love with the African Crown King named King Lo-Sole Krobe, where she bared his children and also have blood ties with his other children from different mothers too."    


  "The Realm of Edna Evermore is actually named after a woman named Lady Edna Evermore. She is responsible for creating numerous group that killed off the  Manslayers or so she believes while having the entire world revolt against her after they realized she was helping the enemy on the side."

  "Thus, the hatred towards magic of any kind was viewed evil, thanks to her. However, that didn't stop foreigners from different worlds to come to Edna, after several creations from Yangquan of the Appleseed Dynasty mysteriously teleports them there against their wills, where they have to fight the people that see them as witches."

   "As a result, the Creation of the True Sons and Daughters of Edna was born to stamp out those from other worlds from entering Edna and starting wars, bringing their religions from different worlds to their homeworld and more, while the creation of Protection was born out of response to their mayhem."

   "Besides that, Edna Evermore is one of the worlds that was born out of Verona, after the Great Split caused by the Manslayers in the beginning. Therefore, the People of Edna are actually Veronaians. This is one of the realms the Warriors of Jucar was sent too, after the war against the Al-Talus Clans began, throughout Graymore Sphere."

    "As this world has stories of its own, which are also connected to the Jucar and Adrian & Jade storylines, especially that of Queen Lara Vega's origins..."


   "The Realm of Oblivion is a place were supreme beings are cast into the dark abyss of shadows, where there is a slim chance for them to return to the realm that they once called home. This is a gases world that switches from solid to gas state in the middle of nowhere while being connected to every single realm known and unknown throughout the entire universe." 

   "Madam Anaconda Fable was cast to this realm and perform several methods for her return to the living before she went madly insane inside this chaotic realm." 

   "In other words, this place is similar to hell itself but on an extreme level that goes far beyond mortal and immortal comprehension, while also being feared by the gods themselves, due to the countless souls that were cast there by them or someone that they probably know or don't know."  


  "Cyclonus, a beautiful world teeming with life of all sorts, with Gods of their own, before the arrival of the Bitsue stone. With the arrival of the Bitsue stone. The Sons and Daughters of Man and the Gods themselves of Cyclonus declared war against each other and that of themselves seeking a powerful way of controlling their world with an iron fist."

   "Yet, amongst them existence a primitive group called the Cyclops, which were the size of rabbits to that of the Mighty, Titans of Greek Mythologies. They were unaware of what was going on, especially when they obtain a piece of the Bitsue stone by accident." 

   "Once in their possession, they believed it to be an regular stone that's shattered throughout their world and wondered why the mortals and gods of their world fought over such silliness, until strangers from away came in, declared war against them all, where the Cyclops hid themselves trying to avoid their enemies and watch from distance as their brethren perished away by the Dark hand's forces." 

  "Now, after several years, they too, perished by the same forces that killed them, except for the one, who will become the one of the greatest heroes of all times...."         




    "A beautiful place where the God the Creator or the Creators live, where every single soul throughout the entire universe desire to go, after they die in the mortal world." 

  "According to the religion in the storyline, where each person experience or belief is different by culture."


    "A place where all the damned go after living a hellish lifestyle or sentence by God or by the Gods of their world, according to the religion in the storyline, where each person experience or belief is different by culture."


    "A place where the soul ventures too, when they're not ready to be judged for their crimes in the living, according to the religion in the storyline, where each person experience or belief is different by culture."

   "For the Realm of Solitude is based on what the individual knows about their world and it adapts to that individual soul, where it merges other reality together for social interactions with other souls in purgatory, in a place where time and space have completely stop but not."


   "The Realm of Valhalla is the home of the Norsemen All-Father known to many as Odin. This is a place where champions live to fight in a battle against other powerful warriors throughout the cosmos. This is home to the mighty Thor, Loki, Frigg and so much more...." 

   "The World Tree is considered by Norsemen mythology the anchor of all worlds to connect from times past to the modern day realms. Two of the biggest symbols of Norsemen mythology is the crow and the world tree itself called Yggdrasil with the Well of Urd beneath one of its mighty roots." 


   "Mt. Olympus, home of the Greek Gods known as Zeus, Hades, Hera, and countless others that play a powerful role in the lives of the Ancient Greek people living in Greece. Greek mythology has a vast range of different realms that explore other cultures such as Egypt and back again, after several invasions." 


   "From the Gods of the mighty, Pharaohs to the story of ancient artifacts, curses, spells, sexualism, and more  that were said to build advanced civilizations made the Ancient Egyptian one of the cultures in ancient times."


 "From the infamous Nine-tailed fox and countless stories surrounding awesome legends and great tales involving the Japanese culture that inspire some of these works too, especially their Gods of ancient times to modern times involving Dragons to the First Emperor of Japan, which inspired the first book that I wrote titled Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega's Secret Roses Vol. 1.." 


 "From the famous Chinese Zodiac, along with countless stories surrounding awesome legends and great involving Chinese Culture and their neighboring countries, their cultures that inspire some of these works too, especially their Gods of ancient times to modern times involving Dragons to the First Emperor of China, which inspired the first book that I wrote titled Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega's Secret Roses Vol. 1." 


   "From the famous Shaka Zulu, along with countless stories surrounding the legend and great tales involving other African cultures that inspire some of these works too, especially their Gods of ancient times to modern times involving Dragons to mystical beasts that roam the African continent for years to come, which inspired the first book that I wrote titled Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega's Secret Roses Vol. 1." 


    "From the famous Sitting Bull, the warring Apache, Mayan Empire, Aztec Empire, along with countless stories surrounding the legend and great tales involving other Native American cultures that inspire some of these works too, especially their Gods of ancient times to modern times involving Dragons to mystical beasts that roam the North and South American continents for years to come, which inspired the first book that I wrote titled Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega's Secret Roses Vol. 1."